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The Pro-Series range is CIM's premier product for medium volume applications, and using the CIM Multi-Modular concept, units can be used individually or as a dedicated processing system, there are a number of specifications, however as a guide: 


CIM 6 station multifeeder

bullet Pro-Series Combi 1000

The Combi 1000 is a unique unit, combining a thermal printer (colour or mono), flip station, encoder, embosser and tipper in the one unit. I

The Combi can emboss up to 500cph in a typical credit card format, and is faster if used solely for single side thermal printing, however the flexibility allows dual side thermal printing, encoding, embossing and tipping in the one card pass.

bullet Pro-Series Embossing units

The E1000 and E2000 are dedicated embossing units with encoder and colour tippers having either single or dual head embossers respectively. They multitask, operating at:

bullet E1000, up to 500 cph, 3 cards simultaneously processed
bullet E2000, up to 800 cph, 4 cards simultaneously processed

Both units allow up to 11 line embossing and come with switchable loco/hico encoding, with optional chip station.

bullet Pro-Series Thermal printers

The T1000 and T2000 are dedicated thermal printer units with encoder, supplied as mono printers, with colour optional and having either single or dual thermal printers respectively. They multitask, operating at:

bulletE1000, up to 1000 cph mono, 150 cph colour, 3 cards simultaneously processed
bulletE2000, from 600 to 900 cph depending on job (front + rear etc) mono, or 150 cph colour, 4 cards simultaneously processed

Both units use the new CIM thermal print module and new card clean system to ensure 100% card cleaning before printing and switchable loco/hico encoding, with optional chip station.

Pro-Series 3000 Mailer

The Pro-Series Inserter (CIMailer) has gained great acceptance worldwide from both Bureaus and issuers. It has proven to be a great advantage for medium scale mailing runs, which are becoming the norm, whilst at the same time handling large 24/7 issues.

The Pro-Series 3000 is a new high speed version of the 1500 (original model) and later 2000 version, which allows production of up to 1500 cards per hour and features the new optional MaxiMailer system allowing a range of inserts to be added.

The 3000 can attach up to 4 cards per carrier, and comes standard with magnetic stripe reader, optional bar code reader as noted. All Pro-Series units can be run as part of the Multi-Modular system noted below.

The CIM MultiModular concept

The concept of an in-line processing system has great merits, especially for a card issuer who has very few card types and does not have trained staff. However, itís ease of use in such an environment is also a large draw back Ė if one module has broken down, the machine as a whole cannot run, and for Bureauís high speed in-line units typically produce very low hourly throughput rates due to short file lengths and card type changes.

CIM is cognisant of a need in some cases to operate machines in line, for example a simple embossing and mailing job would see the E2000 embosser and 3000 Inserter connected. However, whilst this functionality exists, and can be quickly and easily accommodated, the large increase in card types and shorter run lengths typically show Bureauís gain greater flexibility in running machines as separate units, but allowing 100% verification between each for multi processes.

The CIM MultiModular concept allows operation with both options.

Email us for specifications to suit your requirement.

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